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The needs of the industry evolve, and GreenPoint adjusts to meet them. With a team of software development experts, GreenPoint creates technology and forms partnerships to stay current, always sharing our progress with our valued partners.

GreenPoint Law & Compliance and Reg-Room Joint Venture Transforms Regulatory Landscape

New York—GreenPoint Law & Compliance has allied with Reg-Room to create an innovative regulation tracker, Reg-Track™. Reg-Track, a single source database that tracks global regulatory changes, instantaneously updates companies with all recent relevant rules and regulations.

The Reg-Track system ensures that regulatory compliance teams in financial, insurance, and other industries remain current on updates and changes. Its user-friendly interface, along with the accompanying customized email alerts it provides daily, facilitates corporate compliance and helps companies avoid onerous fines and sanctions. Reg-Track delivers a concise summary of each tracked regulatory development, and offers further information via links to the underlying rule or regulatory activity from the issuing regulator.

GreenPoint Law & Compliance, a global legal information and services firm, complements its regulatory intelligence services with the development of Reg-Track. Using a combination of technology and in-house subject-matter experts, GreenPoint helps firms manage complicated regulation in the United States and globally. Its team of highly skilled, U.S.-certified attorneys regularly monitors the Reg-Track database to ensure its accuracy while performing upkeep in accordance with each client’s needs.

“GreenPoint Law & Compliance is devoted to delivering relevant, timely regulatory intelligence to the financial services industry, with an emphasis on compliance and risk function,” said William H. Anderson, director of Commercial Development at GreenPoint Law & Compliance. “The Reg-Track platform’s tailored delivery of the relevant regulatory data supports our goals by empowering regulatory compliance teams with crucial information.”

Reg-Room, a New York-based company, provides regulatory information services, monitoring, and consultancy to the financial services industry in the United States and internationally. It addresses the increasing need to provide readily accessible real-time regulatory content to the financial services industry.

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